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JuJu Smith-Schuster’s French bulldog Boujee is the most adorable dog in the NFL

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His favorite song is “Bad and Boujee,” and he’s just the cutest thing in the world.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is known as one of the NFL’s most fun, young wide receivers. He’s got creative celebrations, explosive plays, and is an avid gamer. But he’s got a dog that will make your heart melt.

That dog’s name is Boujee, and he’s a small, gray French bulldog that’s the most adorable thing ever. We’re here to gush over him.

Harry Lyles Jr.: So I have to give you credit, you put me on to the greatness that is Boujee. And I gotta say, this has to be the best dog in sports. He has his own Instagram, which is normal nowadays for pets, but he’s named after Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” which just so happens to be his favorite song (per his bio). And he’s adorable as shit.

Jessica Smetana: I first came across Boujee on JuJu’s Instagram and I knew I immediately had to show you. Not just because he’s cute as fuck but also because HIS NAME IS BOUJEE. I can’t think of a better name for a dog TBH. The only bummer is now you can’t use it for your own future pup.

HLJ: Boujee has definitely inspired me to get my own. I mean look at this guy:

all he ever does is play video games and not play with me

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I couldn’t think of a better companion to have around. I think that’s part of what makes Boujee even more adorable, is that he’s always with JuJu. and it doesn’t matter what the case is, he’s there. You can tell JuJu really loves this dog by 1) how much time he puts into his Instagram and 2) the places he decides to take him. I would be geeked to walk up into an In-N-Out with Boujee.

Of course, Quick Stop

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That gray fur with the white streak in the middle of his head. That’s a damn good dog.

JS: There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not completely jealous of this dog’s life. Look at him getting a bath. LOOK HOW TINY HE IS.

he so cute! @kara_angelsfrenchies

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His photoshoots with JuJu reinforces my theory that JuJu is one of the best in the league at social media. Your fav wide out could never.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the cute dogs out there

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HLJ: I couldn’t agree more. Boujee is out here with JuJu at USC making sure he’s getting ready for the season. And he’s not even on a leash, because clearly he doesn’t need one. That’s loyal as fuck.

Walk It, Bark It ‍♂️

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The whole “look at somebody like [person] looks at [thing]” is overused at this point, but, my God. Boujee looking at JuJu right here? My. Chest.

Yes, even I workout too! ✅

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If there were a picture next to the definition of love in the dictionary, I’d stick that very picture in there. No questions asked.

JS: Hundred percent. When I log on Insta these days I completely bypass my friends and loved ones and go straight to Boujee’s story to see which quirky hijinks he’s up to that day. This whole spring Boujee was in SoCal enjoying the sun while I was freezing in New York. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t live vicariously through this pooch.

Happy Easter!!

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HLJ: The way he runs in that video — I can’t. Oh, and I gotta mention how this dog is already getting endorsements on the ’gram, and I must say, Gushers is a good one to have.

Thank you @therealgushers for showing me love!

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Between that and In-N-Out, Boujee has good taste. It may not be the most dog-friendly diet, but Boujee should get what he wants at all times. We’re all here for a good time, not a long time.

JS: I’m not even salty that Boujee has more Insta followers than me (about 87,000 more followers LOL). He deserves it. I know people hate on pet social media accounts but after seeing @boujee it’s hard not to love 2018 for blessing us with this beautiful account.

HLJ: Boujee deserves all the followers. This is some very wishful thinking, but JuJu’s gotta find a way to either celebrate with Boujee on the field after a touchdown this upcoming season, or do something that Boujee does, like laying down with his legs out.

At the very least, let him hang out on the sideline. Even if it’s just for the home games. adding Boujee to the staff would give the Steelers at least two more wins a season. I’ll get our guy Bill Connelly to get the advanced stats to prove it.

JS: Boujee was born Oct. 17 and guess who went on a seven-game win streak after that? That would be the Steelers.

HLJ: It’s settled then. As long as Boujee is around, perhaps the Steelers should be Super Bowl favorites going into next season. I wouldn’t bet against him.

JS: I’m nominating Boujee as the Steelers’ new mascot. Sorry, Steely McBeam. Boujee Smith-Schuster has arrived.