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Jaguars ditch two-tone helmets with new, more simple uniform design

“Our new uniforms are no-nonsense.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars revealed new uniforms Thursday, leaving the two-tone gold and black helmets in the past and replacing them with a much more simple design.

Now the Jaguars will wear black helmets with teal, white, and black jerseys that are relatively straightforward, monochromatic, and “no-nonsense.”

Teal jerseys are not new in Jacksonville, but haven’t been around much since the team made several uniform switches about a decade ago. The teal pants are a first for the franchise, and the team tweeted that an all-teal jersey-pant combination could happen as many as three times during the 2018 season.

The Jaguars did their best to keep the new uniforms from leaking. The team came really close to keep things under wraps, but didn’t quite reach the finish line. On the night before the reveal, Jacksonville International Airport posted signs showing several Jaguars players modeling the new gear.

But the premature peek didn’t take much shine off the reveal. Particularly because it was coupled with a few other announcements, including EverBank Field changing its name to TIAA Bank Field and an in-stadium DOG PARK!

Good dogs.