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The 78th pick of the NFL Draft is being punished with Pizza Hut pizza

The third-round pick this year is already battling odds.

Fast Food Restaurants Remain Firm Favourites With UK Consumers Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The NFL has a new pizza sponsor in 2018 because Papa John’s is bad. Now, Pizza Hut takes over the throne as the not-so-great chain pizza place sponsoring America’s favorite league.

Monday, we learned some horrifying news:

Being a third-round pick isn’t bad. Current Chief Kareem Hunt was picked in the third round, No. 86 overall last year, and he turned out to be a good player.

Does that happen if he’s rewarded with a year-supply of Pizza Hut? Maybe not. We’ve all purchased some less-than-good chain pizza because sometimes you need pizza, and fast. I know I have.

But the Chiefs ended up trading the pick, which would be used by the Bengals on Texas’ Malik Jeffereson on Friday night. So he is the “lucky” recipient of the pizza.

But there are things that you’re better off getting if you’re picked No. 78 overall in the NFL Draft:

  • A stick of Big Red gum found on the ground in the middle of Times Square
  • A half-used candle with no scent
  • A Nokia cell phone from the early 2000s with limited texts and minutes
  • Wet cardboard
  • Bubble guts
  • The flu
  • Picked No. 79 overall
  • Picked No. 80 overall
  • Picked No. 81 overall
  • Picked No. 82 overall
  • Picked No. 83 overall
  • Pick— yeah.

QB Pat Mahomes chimed in upon seeing the news when it was first announced:

Please, no.

Congrats to Pizza Hut for putting themselves out there during the draft, and condolences to Mr. Jefferson.

Not because you achieved your life dream of becoming an NFL player (for a good franchise!), but because you’re being punished with Pizza Hut.