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The first thing Meek Mill did out of prison was ring the 76ers’ bell for Game 5

A Philly hero was welcomed home by 76ers fans after spending 5 months in prison.

Philadelphia-born rapper Meek Mill was released from prison on Tuesday and the hours that followed were moments Philadelphians dream of. If you don’t know who Meek Mill is, that is perfectly fine. But the city of Philadelphia, one enjoying its first playoff appearance in five seasons, knows exactly who the Dreams Worth More Than Money lyricist is, and both the fans and the 76ers organization welcomed a hometown hero back after he was granted bail on Tuesday following five months in prison for violating his probation.

Here’s how the first few hours of his release played out:

The pickup

Immediately upon his release, 76ers co-owner Michael G. Rubin picked Meek Mill up to take him to the Sixers game.

On the way to the sixers game let’s go!!!! #meekfree

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The Extraction

Rubin, Meek Mill and others drove to a nearby helicopter, a.k.a. the extraction point. Yes, Meek flew to Philly’s Game 5 in a chopper.

Here’s his view, which is reminiscent of any scene in any Call of Duty game:

#Repost @meekmilly215_ #meekmill

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The Landing

Meek Mill, Rubin and company transferred from the helicopter to another car, where he greeted some fans and media.

The Arrival

Meek Mill walked into the Wells Fargo Arena and greeted fans and players. At some point, he took a shower and changed.

The Process

Finally, he rang the bell that precedes every home 76ers game. And the fans at the arena welcomed him warmly.

Meek Mill was granted bail on Tuesday, and the hours that followed were those of a hometown hero who had just returned. Whether you’re familiar with Meek or not, his story impacted a lot of people. If you need more proof, well, just ask some fans.