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Everybody’s using the stage at the NFL Draft to take shots at the Cowboys

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It’s probably not going to stop, either.

Dallas is hosting the 2018 NFL Draft for the first time at AT&T Stadium, and on the second day with guest announcers of picks, time is being taken to take shots at the Cowboys.

We’re going to keep a running list for the rest of the NFL Draft keeping up with every time a former player or other individual takes a shot at the Cowboys on their own turf.

Nate Burleson started it off with an electric speech.

This was the spark we needed on day two of the draft. Burleson stepped up to the stage in an Axel Foley jacket from Beverley Hills Cop, and let it fly.

He said that Dallas is known as the home of America’s Team, but mentioned that he believes Detroit to be the home of America’s heartbeat.

“This pick right here is dedicated to the men and women of Michigan,” he said. “I’m talking about the no-days off, lunch pail packin’, hard-hat wearin’, blue collar hands that helped build this country.”

Jerry Kramer got the next swing in over the Ice Bowl.

There’s likely not a lot of people in the crowd at AT&T Stadium right now (if any) who were at the Ice Bowl, but he took a shot anyway. He said, “To all of you Ice Bowl fans, great to see you.”

For the uninitiated, the Ice Bowl was the greatest and coldest NFL game ever played:

December 31, 1967 was the coldest New Years Eve in the history of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The -13 degree temperature mixed with a 15-MPH wind made the outdoors unbearable. Announcer Frank Gifford saw his coffee freeze a minute after setting it down. The halftime band was canceled when the lip of a horn was broken off during the warmups. Referee Norm Schachter had his whistle frozen in his mouth, and when he tried to blow it to begin the game, he accidentally ripped the skin of his lips. Blood trickled down his chin where it froze into an icicle. From then on, the officials used hand motions and yelled out calls instead.

Boom, roasted.

David Akers dug in with a roast of his own.

The Eagles’ pick was a troll in its own. They traded up to pick a tight end named Dallas, the same day that Jason Witten announced his retirement.

They also sent former kicker David Akers up, who finished the job by yelling the pick at the Cowboys fans:

Michael Vick set a new bar with his speech.

Vick came up to the stage, yelling the Falcons’ signature “Rise up!” He also confidently stated that he never lost to Dallas:

He did lose to Dallas. Three times, in fact. But if Michael Vick says he never lost to Dallas, he never lost to Dallas. It’s kinda similar to when the NCAA vacates wins and championships. If they vacate them, I definitely forgot they ever happened.