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The Twins made their game notes Nicolas Cage-themed in honor of Eduardo Escobar meeting him

They’re gonna steal the Declaration of Independence second base.

When the Indians and Twins played in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, one Minnesota player got a nice surprise while walking around the team hotel. Eduardo Escobar met noted actor and eccentric human Nicolas Cage, got a picture with him, and reportedly got a “thank you, Escobar” in return.

While it’s still unclear whether Cage even knew who Escobar was or not, it was a pretty awesome moment. Who doesn’t want to meet Nicolas Cage?! In a fun nod to that random meeting, the Twins made their game notes Nicolas Cage-themed for their game against the Blue Jays on Monday night.

As is only fitting, they titled Escobar’s stats section with “Thank You, Escobar” as that portion of the game notes takes a look at his stellar numbers since he met Cage. The rest of the Twins’ season might not be going perfectly but if Cage gave Escobar some sort of lucky boost with that simple “thank you, Escobar” than that’s pretty good.

Even more appealingly Face/Off, The Rock, National Treasure, Gone In 60 Seconds, Deadfall, and The Weather Man make a nice little Cage movie marathon if you’re into that sort of thing. Well, maybe not The Weather Man. But I don’t know your life.