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Titans unveil new uniforms after somebody leaked them just a day before

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They’re not drastically different, but it’s a new look.

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Tennessee Titans Offical Website

The Tennessee Titans unveiled their new uniforms Wednesday night in downtown Nashville, where current and former players took part in the ceremony. They live-streamed the ceremony and made a pretty big deal about the new design.

For uniform buffs, the changes might be considered huge, but the designs aren’t that different. The font-work is different ... in a word: pointier, especially the numbers. The colors on the shoulder are different, with a grey patch. There also is no longer a logo on the sleeves. The splash of color on the sides is also more prominent.

You can get the best look at the changes in the picture above, from the official Titans website. There’s also this video:

Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk said last week before the unveiling that the new uniforms would be distinctive.

“You take our name, the Titans, and in Greek mythology they were gods, giant gods. The thing that Nike started from the beginning was, Titans, it’s superiority. So we wanted that feel. It is going to be what you think of a Titan,” Strunk said.

“I wouldn’t say it’s drastic by any means, but I’d say it’s pretty big. It’s significant.”

The change didn’t come without some controversy. The NFL was investigating the source of a photograph going around social media that appeared to be a leak of the uniforms, according to The Tennessean.

Despite those leaks, the Titans hosted a huge event with thousands of fans in attendance, live music, and a whole lot of talking before they actually got around to officially showing the uniforms.

General manager Jon Robinson was asked to describe the uniforms in one word, and he went with “fierce.” Strunk also used that word during the event, so it’s what they’re going with.