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David Ortiz surprised Aly Raisman with a ‘girl power’ shirt at the Red Sox home opener

Ortiz told Sox fans Boston is ‘her city, too.’

David Ortiz teamed with Aly Raisman to christen the Red Sox 2018 home opener, and the Boston legend wanted to make sure the Olympic gold medalist knew she was welcome at Fenway Park.

Step 1: borrow the Spice Girls’ catchphrase.

Ortiz and Raisman took the field Thursday afternoon to shout “play ball” before the Sox’ home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays, but the hefty slugger ripped off his jersey before the two could get started — unveiling a black T-shirt with “girl power” written in all caps across the chest.

Seconds later, he told a sold-out crowd “[Boston] is her city, too,” mirroring his famous speech that followed the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon — only this time without the f-bomb.

It was a warm gesture toward Raisman, the Needham, MMassachusetts native who captured gold at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics but has been more visible recently for speaking out against the abuse she suffered as part of the U.S. Gymnastics team. Raisman was a key figure throughout the trial of former national team doctor Larry Nassar. She delivered a scathing speech at Nassar’s sentencing hearing in January and her bravery has made her a public face of sexual abuse and a beacon of strength for other victims.

On Thursday, Ortiz paid tribute to that power — and made sure she knew she was welcome at his old stomping grounds.