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Anthony Rendon and Dave Martinez were the latest guest stars of the Ump Show

Sunday’s Say Hey, Baseball reviews the latest episode of baseball’s worst ongoing TV show. Plus, you will not believe how the Padres lost to the Astros on Saturday night.

New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s been a rough week for the Washington Nationals. After storming out of the gates with four straight wins, the Nats have now lost four straight after running into a hot-hitting Braves team and a Mets team that has gotten off to a strong start during these first two weeks. Washington’s early blip would be the main story here if not for something absolutely ridiculous happening while the Nationals were in the midst of losing once again. So instead, we’re here to talk about the latest episode of the Ump Show.

In the bottom of the third inning, Anthony Rendon stuck out and he wasn’t happy with the third strike call. While he didn’t vocalize his objections, he flipped the bat towards first base and clearly showed disappointment. Apparently, this was egregious enough for home plate umpire Marty Foster to immediately eject Rendon from the game. Dave Martinez then stormed the field and threw one of the more justified manager tantrums that you will see on a baseball diamond before receiving an ejection as well.

If the ejection was silly, then the explanation was even sillier. According to Joe West (via Washington Post writer Chelsea Janes on Twitter), Foster felt that MLB’s punishment of Rendon for an “equipment violation” (a.k.a. flipping the bat) wouldn’t have been enough so he took it upon himself to eject Rendon. Also, West added that Foster “had to do something” or he risked losing respect from the players. While it is true that you don’t want to see players just walking all over umpires, there’s a better way to do that than giving a player the quick hook — especially when the player didn’t verbally argue balls and strikes.

This would be a good time for baseball to review the performance of the umpire in question and publicly hold the umpire accountable for their actions but we’ve seen this movie before and we know how it ends. It’ll just be a tiny controversy for a day or two and we’ll all move on until the next episode of the Ump Show is beamed live to a television near you.

  • He may have looked a tad bit weird doing it in a Giants jersey but Andrew McCutchen is still very much in the swing of things. Cutch had a six-hit night against the Dodgers and that included a walk-off homer, which made him a very popular man in San Francisco.
  • When Alex Bregman meekly hit a pop-up that flew maybe 20 feet from home plate, he couldn’t have possibly imagined that a major league infield would find a way to let it hit the ground and drive in the winning run for the Astros. Eric Hosmer and the Padres infield had other ideas.
  • The Phillies went into Saturday’s game with the Marlins having scored 19 runs all season. They proceeded to score 20 in one game. At least the Marlins’ official Twitter account accepted their dire situation!
  • Then again, the same Twitter account also pointed out that the last time the Marlins gave up 20+ runs in a game, they proceeded to win the World Series that year. I do not think that history is going to repeat itself in 2018 for the Marlins.
  • Even though they didn’t show it last night, the Braves offense is off to a “historically good” (and very likely unsustainable) start to the season so far.
  • The Red Sox are off to a great start so far and while you might be tempted to point out that they’re beating up on bad teams, Over The Monster says that the schedule isn’t the only reason for their hot start.
  • The Royals somehow managed to sign Mike Moustakas to a one-year, $6.5 million deal and rival executives believe that one reason why Moose’s market dried up is because he has a dad bod. Baseball!
  • Luis Severino has emerged as the ace of the Yankees rotation and Pinstripe Alley believes that he’s still improving and only getting better.