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WrestleMania results 2018: Matt Hardy wins Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

He did it with help from someone you would least expect.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal kickstarted things at WrestleMania 34, with a free for all in the ring during the Kickoff show. All that was on the line was a trophy, but it was a big match because of the alliance that it appeared to cement moving forward.

The first eliminated from The ‘Dre was Aiden English, thrown out of the ring emphatically. Dolph Ziggler avoided elimination by holding on after he was thrown over the side (not for the first time) before Curt Hawkins followed Aiden out of the ring.

Goldust tossed former tag team partner R-Truth and then took the time to dab in his gloating aftermath. Tyler Breeze thought he saved himself from the brink of elimination before being dispatched with a knee to the face.

Konnor and Viktor failed to keep either half of Ascension in the fight for too long, with both landing outside the ring in quick succession. In another case of former tag teams turning against each other, Mojo Rawley got rid of Zack Ryder the beginning of the end for about half the field.

Shelton Benjamin was eliminated by Scott Dawson, right before Rhyno followed suit thanks to Kane. There was a melee of eliminations all at once by Kane’s hand, and then Baron Corbin kicked Sin Cara right out of there too.

It wouldn’t be a WrestleMania Kickoff Show match without some kind of celebrity involvement right? While there were no shocking celebrity appearances in the ring, John Cena did wave hello from the audience. He appeared to be enjoying himself quite a bit, and this is not going to be the last bit of Cena mugging in the audience that we’ll get tonight.

After multiple saves, Dolph Ziggler did some eliminating himself before being power slammed by Goldust, someone who lasted longer than a lot of fans might have seen. Not all the way until the end though, as Ziggler sent him over the top and out of the match. Matt Hardy then went after Ziggler but didn’t eliminate him, before getting into a “10-Delete-10-Delete” face off with Tye Dillinger and ending Dillinger’s victory hopes. Kane then finally eliminated Ziggler, who couldn’t save himself one last time, before being eliminated himself by Corbin.

It all came down to Mojo, Corbin, and Hardy, the former two ganging up on the latter and trying to eliminate him. It looked all but over for Hardy before Bray Wyatt, in a shocking development, descended to the ring to help him. With the two paired up, Wyatt was able to eliminate Rawley before trying to take on Corbin and failing.

Hardy took care of business himself and eliminated Corbin, securing himself the win.

With one hug, it now appears that Wyatt and Hardy are teaming up to work together. That’s an intimidating pairing and one that kind of came out of nowhere after The Ultimate Deletion, during which Wyatt was sentenced to deletion and had to enter the waters of the Lake of Reincarnation. With Wyatt going in a new direction post-deletion, this pairing could be a good thing for both sides.