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Adam Dunn had the weirdest career in MLB history

He didn’t have the greatest career in baseball history, but he sure as hell had the weirdest.

Adam Dunn was one of the more notable players in baseball throughout his 14-year career. He was among the game’s top home run hitters, and while that remains the primary reason he became a household name, the wonders that lie with a deeper look at his career are magnificent.

Never has another player put together a lengthy career in which, more often than not, the defense was rendered literally irrelevant. Perhaps Dunn’s an avid jogger in his spare time, but you wouldn’t know it based on how he played — the man’s contempt for actually having to get on his horse and accelerate down the first base line was second to none, and it was truly a sight to behold.

Though he had a long career where he did a lot of pretty good things — much like Ralph Wiggum after Lisa Simpson broke his heart — we can also pinpoint the exact moment his career fell off a cliff. And boy was it spectacular.

Resident dorks Jon and Alex dive into one of the most fascinating careers MLB has ever seen.