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Josh Allen threw exactly 1 pass for the Bills before Jalen Ramsey started trash-talking him

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“That’s a pick waiting to happen ...”

Jalen Ramsey has built his reputation as a cornerback on two qualities. The first is his ability to shadow receivers at an All-Pro level. The second is his ability to talk trash, often at or near an All-Pro level. He gave the world another example of that Friday.

Bills first-round quarterback pick Josh Allen has only thrown a handful of passes in his capacity as a pro, but he’s already gotten the chance to experience the latter. It all started when Buffalo proudly tweeted out Allen’s first drills with his new team.

It was a pretty basic drop-back for the rookie quarterback. It didn’t showcase any of the arm strength that made him a tantalizing prospect, and the camera didn’t even track the ball to its destination. That didn’t stop Ramsey from offering his opinion on the throw:

via @fourverts

Ramsey quickly deleted the tweet, opting instead to show some restraint rather than openly mock the most embattled quarterback among 2018’s first-round picks.

Turns out Ramsey might have had a valid point. Allen didn’t thoroughly impress on Friday, struggling on a limited amount of downfield passes:

And yet, Ramsey somehow wasn’t the first AFC defensive back to trash Allen publicly since his drafting. Jets safety Jamal Adams chimed in a few days after the Bills traded up to make the former Wyoming signal caller their quarterback of the future.

It’s worth noting, however, that:

a) Adams wasn’t tagged in that original tweet, so he had to search out his own name himself
b) Adams is not the safety in that GIF and has never actually faced Allen
c) In his rookie season, Adams had exactly zero interceptions.

Ramsey’s Jaguars will face Allen’s Bills in Week 12 this season. There’s a good chance the rookie will have earned a starting role by the time the All-Pro corner makes the trip up to Orchard Park, New York. Barring injury and benchings, he’ll have the chance to prove his hastily deleted tweet right on Nov. 25.