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This Kevin Love outlet pass to LeBron James is art

Love found James for yet another beautiful full-court outlet pass against the Celtics.

There are a number of NFL teams with question marks at either the quarterback or wide receiver positions. Those teams should reach out to the Cleveland Cavaliers immediately, because LeBron James and Kevin Love are straight-up unfair.

Love rocketed one of his trademark, two-handed, full-court outlet passes. James, in all of his athletic glory, leaped over two Celtics defenders to haul in the lob, then finished at the rim. It was a picture-perfect Madden throw and catch.

Here’s another angle — the Hail Mary view:

Look at the focus needed to bring this pass in in double coverage:

Love and James have been the best quarterback-wide receiver duo the NBA has seen in a long time, and Love had the tools to be an incredible outlet passer long before he entered the league. This gorgeous connection in the first quarter of Game 4 was just another example of how good a two-man tandem they are.

This just isn’t fair.