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Stephen Curry damn near punched a referee in the face while celebrating

Watch your hands next time, Steph!

Every player celebrates big plays differently. Stephen Curry decided on this night — in the first quarter of Game 4 against the Rockets — he was going to use his fist.

Curry got a foul call after blowing by Eric Gordon, and after the shot dropped, he swung his fist as a celebration. His fist, though, just so happened to fly in referee Mike Callahan’s direction.

Here’s a closer look:

Somehow, Callahan had cat-like reflexed and bobbed his way out of harm’s way. But, lord have mercy, if that punch would have connected? It would have been curtains for Callahan, and Curry would have gotten a hefty fine and a nasty phone call from the league office.

None of that happened, though, and all is well. Watch your hands next time, Steph. You never know who you might knock out by accident.