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Steph Curry’s response to Chris Paul shimmying in his face was honestly inspirational

This entire situation has been perfect.

There are many, many levels to pettiness, and Chris Paul showed his petty level is well over 9,000 after he flipped Stephen Curry’s trademark celebration onto his head by shimmying on him in Rockets-Warriors Game 5. Paul hit a ridiculous, contested three over Curry from almost 30 feet out, and on his way back on defense, CP3 shimmied in the two-time MVP’s face.

The shimmy was so timely and perfect, even Curry had to take his hat off to the Rockets’ guard after the game.

“It was well-deserved. It’s a tough shot,” Curry acknowledged. “If you can shimmy on somebody else, you gotta be alright getting shimmied on. So I’ll keep shimmying and maybe he will too, so we’ll see what happens.”

Twitter absolutely loved the shimmy:

And they maybe loved Steph Curry’s response even more:

Curry usually breaks out the trademark shoulder movement after he catches fire, just like he did in the third quarter of Game 3.

But after he got a taste of his own medicine, Curry had the best possible response during his post-game press conference. We’ll see how this one shakes out in Game 6.