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Which athlete would you pick as your beer pong teammate?

Serena Williams dominated at the royal wedding. Is she the best option out there?

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Last week, Serena Williams held court at the royal wedding reception, bringing one of America’s finest drinking traditions across the pond with some post-nuptials beer pong. The Sun suggested she “played beer pong like it was tennis,” and since no rackets were involved, that means she probably wrecked a whole bunch of fancy lads and chaps.

But there’s no way Williams isn’t the only pro athlete who would dominate the eight-foot tables, forcing sip-after-sip of Pabst, Busch Light, or (shivers) Natural Ice down the throats of anyone unfortunate to challenge him/her. There are several great selections from which to choose. Do you take a pitcher with pinpoint accuracy and hope that skill translates to ping-pong balls with one-eighth the velocity? What about just drafting Georghe Muresan and allowing him to drop balls in the cups like an episode of Bozo’s Funhouse, all the while discussing what Billy Crystal was like on the set of My Giant?

It’s a question with no wrong answers ...

/considers having to stand next to Patrick Reed for 15 minutes

few wrong answers. Here’s who we’d choose.

Here’s who we’re choosing as our beer pong partner

LeBron James: I’m small and not at all good at ping pong, so I need a teammate who can carry me while I just sit back and watch him do his thing. Who better than LeBron? Besides, if I have my pick of anyone on the planet for anything that remotely requires athleticism, I’m going with LeBron. Sure, he’s more of a wine connoisseur, but wine pong sounds fun too — and then it’s just a matter of time until I’ve had enough to drink that I start annoying him by saying “LeBroooon Jaaaaames” over and over. — Sarah Hardy

Justin Smith: I interpret this question (perhaps erroneously) as which athlete I’d just most wanna hang out with — in which case Smith is my slam dunk answer. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt that my BP teammate has an Anheuser-Busch tattoo on his left bicep, probably a good omen for an ability to imbibe copious amounts of poison. However, due to dropping a ton of weight after retiring, he may get drunk quicker than usual, so I’d have Jimmy Garoppolo warming up in the pen to come in on a moment’s notice. And you know he’ll nail the final cup on first try. — Alex Rubenstein

Tyler Bray, Chicago Bears QB: Because he spent a small portion of his time at the University of Tennessee throwing beer bottles off a balcony at parked cars. — Jason Kirk

Zhang Jike, Chinese table tennis master: Let’s just get right to the best person to ever pick for this particular competition. Zhang Jike is considered to be the most talented table tennis — AKA ping pong — player of all time. He was the fastest player ever to achieve a Grand Slam title, and is the closest ever to achieving the honor twice. If there is anyone in the world who understands every element of bouncing a ping-pong ball to an exact position, it’s Zhang Jike. With him at my side, we couldn’t lose. — Sam Eggleston

Greg Maddux, retired MLB pitcher: Look, he hasn’t pitched in a decade, and he’s 52. But we’re talking about a man with one of the greatest dad bods in the history of the sport, someone who showed up to an offseason press conference about his new contract with one pale hand and one tan hand ... from the golf glove he was wearing all winter. You don’t think a guy like this knows how to beer pong?

Oh, and there’s that part about how he has the control and muscle memory of a god. That seems helpful for this particular activity. — Grant Brisbee

Greg Mad.... Dang it Grant you took mine: - Kofie Yeboah

Joakim Noah, New York Knicks center: This is an obvious choice because a) I’m a Gator and b) He once apparently played rounds of beer pong for two hours back in 2011. — Morgan Moriarty

Steve Nash, former NBA player: At first I was going to go with the most “they definitely partied in college” pick I could. A Bubba Watson here. A Rickie Fowler there. But an important thing to consider in my choice is this: I am good at beer pong. On a good night, I sometimes don’t need a partner until it comes to last cup. Damn that last cup. I’ve only hit one in my life and that was an hilarious fluke. So I’m going with Nash because he’s a good shooter who probably always hits last cup, extremely chill so will be able to calm me down when there’s a controversy (there’s always a controversy), and can run strategy. Plus, he grew up next to Canadian hockey players. So the drinking question is answered right there. — Whitney McIntosh

A second person for Steve Nash: Steve is the best point guard of all time and if you show me stats to prove otherwise I’ll say that’s fake. Anyway, I’m also exclusively talking about long-hair Steve, and I’m gonna need him to adjust that hair after every swooshed cup. A great shooter, a great passer and a fun human. What more could you ask for in a partner?

(To see an embarrassing photo of noted Steve Nash fan, Matt Ellentuck, click here) — Matt Ellentuck

Mandy Moore, racewalker: Not many people realize this, but A Walk to Remember was actually a documentary about the 50km racewalking event at the 1980 Summer Games, and how a nascent American boycott crushed the dreams of one determined woman (who also has the face/voice of an angel). Also “Candy” was a banger and I really just think Mandy and I would hit it off if we got the chance to have some drinks and talk it out, you know? — Christian D’Andrea

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder guard: Not even because I think he’d be great, but only so we could be super extra and dance after every made shot, whether we’re winning or losing. — Harry Lyles Jr.

Candace Parker, LA Sparks forward: Listen, Candace Parker is not only one of the greatest basketball players of all time but the woman knows how to trash talk too. She’ll have no problem celebrating right up in your face after each win. I’ll gladly stand next to CP3 as we stare down whoever wants to try and cross us. -- Whitney Medworth

And here are some of your responses

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And, of course, Rob Gronkowski: