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Terrell Owens will be on the cover of ‘Madden 19 Hall of Fame’ edition

But why is he in a Cowboys jersey?

It seems like Madden is going away from the Patriots theme of the last two Madden covers (Gronk on Madden 17 and Tom Brady in Madden 18) as Terrell Owens has been selected to be on the Hall of Fame edition of Madden 19. The Hall of Fame edition is a special version of Madden that will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. It will also include special Madden Ultimate team card legends like Brian Urlacher, Dan Marino and Owens himself. This deluxe version will also be made available on Aug. 7, while the regular game will be made available on Aug. 10.

Before we continue, here’s the cover.

I find it interesting that he’s in a Cowboys jersey on the cover for two reasons.

An Eagles jersey was probably off the table.

Terrell Owens in an Eagles jersey is already synonymous to the Terrell Owens in an Eagles jersey is already attached to the classic football game ESPN NFL 2K5. This game was a direct competitor to the Madden franchise and one of the games that eventually caused Madden to make an exclusive rights deal with the NFL. Having Owens on the cover might remind everyone that EA Sports did that and if you’re reading this you have been reminded.

Then why not San Francisco?

While it did feel like an eternity in Dallas, Owens only spent three seasons there as opposed to eight seasons in San Francisco. Owens made a lot of memories there, including maybe his most memorable one ... against Dallas.

Then again, Owens and the 49ers seem to not be on good terms, so I understand.

I’m not complaining, it’s just something I noticed. With Madden’s release being months away, it’s only right that the hype will continue to be built up. Especially when the regular cover athlete will be revealed sometime before the game’s release.