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LeBron James staring down TD Garden after a block is a masterpiece


Terry Rozier got a taste of a LeBron James chasedown block in Game 6, so much respect to the Celtics guard for challenging The King head-on in Game 7. But James is called The King for a multitude of reasons, one of which is his relentless pursuit of protecting the rim when someone is charing at him.

Rozier picked James off on a pass in the third quarter and dribbled the distance of the court. Then he tried to dunk on LeBron. That didn’t work out. It rarely does.

James met the athletic Rozier at the rim and sent his dunk attempt packing with one hand. Then he stood underneath the rim and stared down Celtics fans at TD Garden.

This was yet another play that illustrates the greatness that is LeBron James. Sure he turned the ball over in the first place, but that turnover gave birth to the most impressive defensive play of this series.