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Paul Richardson puts ketchup on his tacos, and this fellow Californian is hurt

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As a fellow Southern California native, Richardson’s love of ketchup on tacos is causing me distress.

It’s been a good year for wide receiver Paul Richardson, who wrapped up his rookie contract with the Seattle Seahawks in March and cashed in with a five-year, $40 million contract with Washington.

What is he doing with his influx of cash? Who knows, but it definitely isn’t being spent on food.

On Sunday, Richardson tweeted a picture of a plate of tacos topped with some shredded cheese and KETCHUP?!

Nope. Don’t do that. No, no, no, no.

Most Twitter users had the same reaction as me.

Making it worse, he was backed up by Broncos safety Su’a Cravens.

If I were to put on my culinary expert hat — one I’m unqualified to wear, but I’m gonna put on anyway — I’d say that tacos are meant to have a sharp, spicy taste and ketchup dulls and overpowers that. Maybe a spicy or more vinegar-y ketchup wouldn’t be so objectionable, but that’s just plain old Heinz that Richardson is using.

Being snooty and elitist about Mexican food is a Southern California birthright. And that’s the part that hurts me — a Garden Grove, Calif. native — the most. Richardson and Cravens are both from Los Angeles, but are eating tacos with the culinary nuance of Lunchables ham sandwiches.

Eat whatever weird concoction you want, I guess. But don’t start giving others the wrong idea.

Nooo, ketchup on tacos is not a California thing! It shouldn’t be a thing anywhere, but especially not in California! Stop the madness!

Please, Paul. Explore the taco scene in D.C. They’re not going to have ketchup on them and that’s for the best.