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How fun would it have been if the Packers had traded Aaron Rodgers for Randy Moss in 2007?

It would’ve worked out for everyone. Except the Patriots. Or the Browns. Definitely not the Browns.

Brett Favre knew what he wanted in 2007: a) to play for 0-12 more years and b) to throw the ball to Randy Moss. The Hall of Fame Packers quarterback had seen what the Hall of Fame wide receiver could do firsthand with the rival Vikings, and he wanted the explosive deep threat to cap off a wideout corps that already included Donald Driver and Greg Jennings.

And for a fleeting moment, it looked as if Moss, who had since joined the Raiders, would become a Packer — in exchange for then-backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

It would have altered the NFL landscape like a bulldozer, and 2007’s wild season would have somehow been even wilder. The Moss-less Raiders would have become an offensive dynasty. The Favre-led Packers would have won Super Bowl XLII and given the veteran quarterback the closure he needed to retire before falling into a cycle of self-parody. The Patriots would never have to worry about 18-1 references, the Browns would‘ve drafted JaMarcus Russell (sorry Browns), and Joe Flacco would never have to wonder if he were, in fact, elite.

Favre and Moss eventually got together — but not until 2010 for a 6-10 Vikings team. In 2007, Moss would eventually get shipped to the Patriots for a fourth-round draft pick, then break the NFL record for touchdown receptions in a single season while setting the tone for the most prolific offense in league history. Favre would push Green Bay to the NFC title game but no further, muddying his legacy with three post-Packer seasons and some off-field scandals. Rodgers would take the reins and eventually lead Green Bay to a 2010 NFL championship and perennial contender status.

Think about that. For a while in 2007, a future two-time NFL MVP held similar value as the Day 3 draft pick the Patriots eventually shipped to Oakland. It would have been the greatest coup in Raider history. But it never happened, and to New England went the spoils.