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Ray Allen’s clutch three-pointer that saved Miami needs a deep rewind

Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals between the Spurs and Heat was one of the most exciting games in NBA history. People generally agree on this. But one big moment from that game — Ray Allen’s huge three to keep Miami’s championship hopes alive — tends to get all the attention.

It’s understandable! That shot, which sent the game to overtime, marked the precise turning point between the Spurs winning the whole thing and Miami stealing the series back from them. But to really understand the weight of that shot, you need to look behind it. You need to see the roller coaster of a game LeBron James played, right up to his two potentially devastating turnovers in the final minute. You need to see the bizarre shots that came earlier in the game, the bold tactical moves that built over several games to that point, and of course Allen’s own preparation, which was eerily tuned for that moment.

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