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The NBA is auctioning off J.R. Smith’s Game 1 Finals jersey. You know the one.

A great find for rich and confused cosplay enthusiasts.

2018 NBA Finals - Game One Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Want to own a piece of NBA history? Then you can purchase 2018 NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant’s game-worn jersey for $30 grand.

Want to own a piece of meme history? J.R. Smith’s jersey from Game 1 of that series is currently selling for one-tenth of the price.

The NBA has put an array of NBA Finals game-worn apparel up for sale, which includes the majority of the jerseys worn throughout Game 1, which ended with a Warriors’ win in overtime after Smith forgot what the score was as time ran out on a tie game in regulation. For a four-figure outlay, you can own a piece of this iconic image:

Getting the angry-frustrated side of this split-second dissertation into the frailty of stress and critical thinking will run you considerably more. LeBron James’ Game 1 jersey is currently set at $90,060, more than anyone else from the Finals by more than $50k.

So $3,000 and change for Smith’s side seems like a pittance by comparison. And really, what is that jersey but a Get Out of Jail Free card for the wearer. A license to be hurtfully forgetful in the name of cosplay. Just imagine:

“Jim, you failed to send in the renewal on our bar’s liquor license, and now we’re facing $75,000 in fines from the city”

Jim: (wears authentic J.R. Smith game-worn jersey, makes this face)

“Well, we’re ruined and won’t be able to come back from this, but I’ll be damned if that jersey isn’t making me feel better about everything.”

Or you could truly harness your inner J.R., put in the second-to-last bid, and then skip away as time runs out on the auction, believing you’ve won the whole thing.