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Saudi Arabia national team dismisses mid-flight airplane fire as ‘merely an accident’

Everyone was OK, and the Saudi team brushed it off as though nothing happened.

Saudi Arabia’s 2018 World Cup got off to a rough start in a 5-0 loss to Russia in its opening game. And, then, things got even worse; the team’s plane caught fire en route to Rostov-on-Don for a Wednesday game against Uruguay.

Fortunately for all parties, the flight landed safely with no reported injuries. Video taken from the flight showed flames shooting out from underneath the ailerons of the right wing — an area devoid of fire on typical flights.

Saudi Arabia officials, to their credit, remained remarkably calm about the whole incident.

According to the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, all the Saudi national team players have arrived safely in Rostov-on-Don this afternoon to play against Uruguay, and currently are staying in their residence, and that the fire was merely an accident.


“merely an accident.”


Leaving your carry on at the gate is merely an accident. Falling asleep and missing the beverage service is merely an accident. SAUDI ARABIA’S PLANE CAUGHT ON FIRE (kinda) AND NO ONE WAS SHAKEN UP ENOUGH TO EVEN RAISE THEIR VOICE. Players from the Kingdom of Saud brushed this off with all the urgency of someone who’d been awakened from a mid-flight nap by the drink cart.

If I were playing for Uruguay, I would be extremely concerned about Wednesday’s opponent. Even if they already lost to Russia by five goals.