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The Rams kicked a field goal to reveal sex of special teams coordinator John Fassel’s baby

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The snap was a little shaky, but the Rams still nailed the reveal on Father’s Day.

The Los Angeles Rams found a fitting way to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday.

Special teams coordinator John Fassel is about to become a father for the third time, so the Rams put together a field goal at the end of practice to reveal the sex of the baby on the way.

For those keeping score, that’s three girls and no boys for the Fassel family.

Fassel, 44, has been the Rams’ special teams coordinator since 2012 and took over as interim head coach when Jeff Fisher was fired in 2016. While new coach Sean McVay overhauled the team’s coaching staff, he kept Fassel because the Rams have excelled on special teams in recent years.

Fittingly, the reveal was a well-executed play by the Rams’ special teamers.

It wasn’t the smoothest snap from Jake McQuaide, but in his defense he wanted to get out of the way of the incoming chalk cloud as soon as possible. Aside from that, it was well-coached execution from holder Johnny Hekker and kicker Greg Zuerlein.

But the real MVP of the video is linebacker Cory Littleton who runs into frame and dives to the ground after the kick.

Was he excited about the moment? Was he disappointed with the result? I’m really not sure, but he brought energy.

It was a better reveal than Kirk Cousins’ from last year when he spiked a tiny hacky sack (maybe?) into a cardboard box structure. The Rams had much better form.

Congrats to the Fassel family!