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Woj’s favorite pick-spoiling NBA Draft tweet involved the Utah Jazz and a double-negative

The ESPN reporter was enamored with his own tweets.

The 2018 NBA Draft was fairly cut and dry. ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s pick-spoiling tweets were not.

The veteran NBA insider spent his evening circumventing a league-requested rule about leaking draft picks by making less-than-subtle hints about players and teams. The Knicks weren’t going to pick Kevin Knox at No. 9; they were “enamored” with him. The Grizzlies weren’t going to select Jaren Jackson Jr.; he’d “grown comfortable” with being picked by them. The Celtics didn’t just want Robert Williams; they were “tantalized” by him.

But Wojnarowski’s favorite tweet of the night was a relatively tame one:

“I think the double-negative on the Jazz,” Wojnarowski told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt after being asked of which synonym he was most proud. That would be this tweet:

Which is way, way less interesting in the Celtics eyeing down a Texas A&M center like a dieting man tempted by cake, or the Blazers having a laser on a player who didn’t play any college ball, or the Sixers growing crush on a senior point guard. There’s no accounting for taste, even from a man who accounted for nearly every pick of the first round before they could be announced.

When it came down to the unusual and awesome wording, Wojnarowski had a simple explanation.

“Just trying to follow rules, Scott. Just trying to follow rules.”