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Bill Russell gave Charles Barkley the middle finger on live TV during the NBA awards


Bill Russell and Bird.

Here is the best thing you will see on the Internet tonight, maybe this week, possibly for the rest of the month. Charles Barkley said thank you to Hall of Fame center and legendary NBA ambassador Bill Russell during Monday night’s NBA Awards show, and Russell responded by giving Chuck the finger.


Russell tweeted shortly after, and said it’s his nature when he sees Chuck.

Apparently, this is something Russell has done before. Barkley isn’t his first victim.

Here’s the ring god flipping off an innocent cameraman while posing for a picture with Chauncey Billups. Kevin Garnett had to throw it on Instagram.

....⚰ AYYYYYEEE.... 2 of my FAV 's....

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And Twitter couldn’t hold itself back after Russell flipped off Chuck.

This one’s my kind of energy.

Cheers to Bill Russell’s middle finger. May we see you often next season.