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Jalen Ramsey vs. Jimmy Garoppolo is perfect June pettiness

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There’s nothing like a pointless debate in June to keep the NFL wheel turning.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has no problem speaking his mind, and he isn’t too bothered if his words ruffle some feathers.

So Ramsey probably didn’t think twice about the possibility of a feud with the San Francisco 49ers when he told NFL Network that Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t belong in the Top 100 players list.

“Not yet,” Ramsey said. “What he played five games? He has good potential, I think he’ll be a good player. But in my experience playing him it was a lot of scheme stuff, it wasn’t like he was just dicing us up. It was a lot of scheme.”

It’s not exactly scathing, but it’s much different than the diplomatic answer NFL players usually give. Even NFL Network’s Michael Irvin — a former player who retired almost 20 years ago and has no reason to hold his tongue — didn’t want to cause any rifts when he gave his opinions of the Top 100. He said that about six of the 16 quarterbacks of the list didn’t deserve to be there, but didn’t want to say any names and step on “their moment.”

Ramsey doesn’t mind stepping on anyone’s moment.

But hold up, did he just say it wasn’t like Garoppolo was just dicing the Jaguars up? The 49ers won that game, 44-33. It was the most points the usually dominant Jacksonville defense gave up all year. Garoppolo threw two touchdowns and ran in for a third.

It didn’t help that Blake Bortles threw three interceptions — one of which was returned for a touchdown. But uhh ... that’s a lot of dicing.

According to Ramsey, it was a product of Kyle Shanahan’s game-planning and not Garoppolo’s arm.

Does any of this matter? Nope, not even a little bit. It’s as pointless as offseason drama could possibly be.

The Top 100 list has no bearing on Garoppolo’s future, the Jaguars and 49ers won’t play each other again until 2021, and it’s not exactly a back-and-forth when it’s just Ramsey talking.

But it’s perfect fodder for June when absolutely nothing else is happening. Embrace the pettiness.