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Belgium’s Michy Batshuayi blasting a ball into his own face is the World Cup highlight we can all enjoy

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There’s context for this, but does it really matter? This is a clip of a good soccer man blasting himself directly in the face with a truly awful punt.


You’re still here.


Fine. So that’s Belgian striker Michy Batshuayi attempting to punt the ball back into the goal after his teammate, Adnan Januzaj, found the back of the net in the 51st minute of an important World Cup showdown with England. And technically, he succeeds in pulling off a traditional “get back in the goal” ritual, the ball just takes a detour off the goalpost and then his face first.

It’s an ignominious moment for a young player not widely known for his accuracy when it comes to putting shots on net. Even Wikipedia has taken the time to roast the 24-year-old.

In [Belgium’s] second group game, he came on as a 68th-minute substitute against Tunisia and missed several chances before finally scoring the fifth goal for Belgium in a 5–2 victory.

Today’s extremely good celebration probably won’t do wonders for his reputation, and Batshuayi is entirely aware of that.

And he sees the humor in it:

Even so it gave soccer fans and haters something to agree on; that was delightful.