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Who is the best ‘Fortnite’ player in sports? Let’s discuss.

Let’s find out!

Video Game Manufacturers Show Off Their Latest Products At Annual E3 Conference Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Fortnite has taken over the world, and sports, at an alarming rate. Athletes across the world are among those putting in hours of practice, and unsurprisingly, many of them can play the game at a high level. It’s super addicting!

Part of the way Fortnite grabs our attention is through thrilling competition. And when a game gets this big, much like with NBA 2K, we have to know who is the best. Unfortunately, until an all-athlete Fortnite tournament is set up, we can’t definitively determine who that is. We can only guess through observation.

So let’s observe!

Harry Lyles Jr.: Whitney, I never honestly thought writing about sports for a living could get better. I really didn’t. Then Fortnite came along, stole all of our hearts, and now we’re here to try and figure out who could possibly be the best athlete at playing this ridiculously fun game. What a world this is.

Whitney Medworth: We’re living the dream. Not only is Fortnite incredible to play, it’s made me a believer of e-sports as well. I truly may enjoy watching Josh Hart play Fornite more than I enjoy watching him play basketball. That’s not a knock on him, he’s a great young player. It’s just that Fornite is that much fun.

HLJ: He plays a ton, too! You’ve watched more of his streams than I have and would know better, but he’s got to be an easy candidate for best player. He was at the Fortnite pro-am, and while he didn’t win, I do recall him playing well. And I mean, he essentially said that he was more animated in getting his first Fortnite win than winning a national title with Villanova. That says a LOT.

WM: Fortnite really is sports!

HLJ: Anybody who says otherwise is just a hater. Another athlete I think is probably up there is Steven Adams. He seems to be an avid gamer in general, but when he posts his wins on Instagram, he’s putting up real numbers.


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WM: He got 11 on that one! So not only is his Instagram just full of these “Victory Royale” photos, he’s always playing in the default skin. So while most of us are running around looking like John Wick, or a tomato head, or Harley Quinn, Adams is just roasting folks in the most basic way possible. I think it says a lot about him and his true skill level.

HLJ: It takes a real one to let your game speak for itself. At least we look good when we don’t win.

WM: We always look great. We have that going for us.

HLJ: Gotta have something! Another player who’s definitely near the top of this mountain is JuJu Smith-Schuster. I don’t see him play as often nowadays, but he used to constantly post wins on his Instagram story. They were so frequent you knew he was hustling and actually getting kills, as opposed to camping out and getting just one or two in a prolonged game. Oh, and he’s also said playing Fortnite is better scoring a touchdown.

This is coming from the guy who went for a 97-yard touchdown on Sunday Night Football at age 20.

WM: I actually have to give JuJu a lot of credit for me getting into Fornite. The night he played with Ninja (the LeBron James of Fortnite), Drake, and Travis Scott got me really interested in the game. I think that night alone will put him at the top of the athlete-Fortnite mountain forever.

HLJ: He might have the most compelling case, that’s for sure. But. honestly. another player I forget about is Kenneth Faried. I didn’t know he played until the pro-am, and then he ends up coming in second place. I’m not sure how much he contributed, but you can’t finish second in *that* competition and be bad at this game

WM: I think Faried might be the sneaky No. 1 player out there. I just watched an Instagram story where he and his girlfriend were both playing on their Nintendo Switch WHILE ON VACATION. He also will take Instagrams of real life things that remind him of Fortnite. He’s got it bad.

HLJ: [the most sarcastic voice] We’re certainly not guilty of that at all, nope, not once.

WM: I would never be that pathetic in my love for Fornite [sends Snapchat of abandoned building looking like Fornite]

HLJ: Those never get old. But wait, can we talk about how Tarik Cohen has arguably the most potential for e-sports and Fortnite glory? He was in the pro-am, which is obviously a good step. But the man’s nickname on the field is “The Human Joystick.” I haven’t really seen enough of him to determine how good he is, but I’d be deeply disappointed if he wasn’t a boss with the controller.

WM: He claims he’s the best Fornite player in the NFL, and he posted this during OTAs. I think he might be legit.

HLJ: Talking about Fortnite is good, but that’s a big mood right now. We need him and JuJu to do a series of solos to determine who is the best in the NFL. As far as the NBA goes, we’d need an entire NCAA tournament style bracket to figure that one out. I mean, KAT and Andrew Wiggins can’t be too bad themselves, right? They stayed up until 6 a.m. playing the game once.

WM: It seems like the NBA schedule is set up perfectly for these guys to play SO MUCH FORTNITE. I know that KAT is a huge gamer. I have to imagine he’s extremely good at this.

HLJ: These MLB guys, too! Shit, Boston media bullied David Price into not playing anymore because they thought it was a problem for him. Fortnite is never a problem, scrubs.

WM: That is absolutely ridiculous. I can blog all day, play Fortnite all night, and everything is just fine. David Price, don’t let them do you like that.

What about Xander Bogaerts? He did the “L” dance during a game!

HLJ: He’s GOT to have skills, right? That dance doesn’t come to mind unless you’ve used that before. Shoot, I wouldn’t doubt if he and David have been getting buckets on some duos.

WM: Are the Boston Red Sox the greatest Fortnite team in sports?

HLJ: I think you’re on to something here, and now that’s also a question I need an answer to. We know it probably isn’t the Lakers. Not because Josh Hart isn’t good, but because we’re not totally sold on Lonzo, right? Fortnite wins are exciting, there’s no doubt. But waking up his pregnant girlfriend just after 3 a.m. was a taaaaaaad much.

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WM: As far as I know, we’ve seen Lonzo play one time, and it was this. I’m going to assume he’s actually horrible at the game and just got lucky. And I don’t think Josh Hart even lets Kuzma play with him anymore. So the Lakers are out.

HLJ: If Paul George becomes a Laker, we might have to reassess. For now, I think we can agree based on our limited research that the Red Sox and Timberwolves can be 1a and 1b at the very least. So this brings us to our central question: Who are you taking as your guess for the best Fortnite player in sports?

WM: I have to take Josh Hart. Back when he was streaming more often, he was carrying all kinds of dudes along with him like Andre Drummond, Larry Nance Jr., and Frank Kaminsky. You name an NBA player, he was carrying them to a dub. He also attended E3, the gaming expo, and he has like a legit fancy gaming chair he sits in. He’s the one for me. I’m taking him No. 1 in the Fortnite draft.

HLJ: That’s a hard one to argue against. I’m going to go with JuJu Smith-Schuster. It seems to me he has as many Fortnite wins as he did receiving yards last season, which was a lot! He also just signed a six-figure deal with a gaming company. JuJu seems like he could compete with the best of them.

WM: That’s a hell of a duos team.

HLJ: And hey, if you’re reading this post Josh and JuJu, perhaps we can make it a game of squads. I’m just saying.

WM: Anytime. We’re ready!

UPDATE: Tarik has brought receipts to the table