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Which current NFL player is most likely to set an unbreakable record?

Aaron Rodgers’ touchdown-interception ratio, Adam Vinatieri’s all-time points scored, Frank Gore’s unstoppable streak of production. Which record do you want to see set far out of reach?

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

There are a few permanent fixtures in the NFL record books. No matter how long people keep running into each other on fall and winter Sundays, nobody is going to erase the contributions of Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, and Jerry Rice from the all-time leaderboards.

But most records are ripe for the picking. And there’s a slew of special athletes in the NFL ready to rewrite the record books in pen.

Who are you hoping becomes a permanent fixture in NFL history by setting a record that can’t be broken?

These are our picks

Adam Vinatieri’s career scoring total

The oldest player in the NFL is back for another go. Vinatieri re-signed with the Colts in February, setting up the 45-year-old ageless wonder to take the all-time scoring lead from Morten Andersen.

If Vinatieri can score 58 points in his 23rd NFL season, he’ll pass Andersen’s 2,544 career points scored. Considering Vinatieri hit triple-digits in 20 of his first 22 seasons, and had 109 points in 2017 with the Colts’ trash offense — I’d say the record is his as long as he stays healthy.

Good luck ever catching a record set by a guy who consistently produced for 23 freakin’ years. — Adam Stites

Most wins by a quarterback to start a career

Jimmy Garoppolo’s five game win streak to close out the 2017 season gives him seven career wins in his first seven career starts. Arguments about #QBWinz as a category aside, he has a chance to set a nearly unbreakable record this season. Ben Roethlisberger currently holds the record for most wins to start a career, with 15. Jimmy G needs eight more wins to match him. If Garoppolo and the 49ers can get through the first four games without a loss, the door is open to extend this streak pretty considerably. — David Fucillo

Most wins by a quarterback (hard mode: most wins by a quarterback over 40)

Tom Brady’s rigid workout and diet routines, along with the extreme flexibility of his body, suggests he can play until he’s 45. Assuming his level of play doesn’t slip too dramatically and Bill Belichick sticks around as his head coach, he’s going to add double-digit wins to his career total in each of his remaining seasons.

That’s going to set a monster record. Brady already has 36 more career regular season victories than the next-closest quarterback. When it comes to the postseason, he’s got nearly double the amount of playoff wins as the No. 2 man on the list (27 to 14). Only two active players are within 100 overall wins of Brady; Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger. As good as they aren, they seem unlikely to play the extra 15 years needed to surpass the G.O.A.T.. — Christian D’Andrea

And here are your responses

On Friday, we asked Twitter who will set an NFL record far out of reach:

These were the most popular responses (you can check out all the replies here):

Frank Gore’s streak of 1,200-yard seasons

Not only is Gore the only player in NFL history with 12 seasons with at least 1,200 yards from scrimmage — he’s done it 12 years in a row. Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and Lamar Miller are the only active players who are even at four.

It’s already as untouchable as records get, and Gore will try to make it 13 straight seasons when he hits the field as a member of the Dolphins in 2018:

Cam Newton’s QB rushing touchdowns

The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner and No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft started his career with 14 rushing touchdowns in his rookie season — topping Steve Grogan’s single-season record of 12 for a quarterback.

So it wasn’t too surprising when it took less than 80 career games to top Steve Young’s record for career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback.

Now entering his 8th NFL season, Newton is at 54 career rushing touchdowns — the same amount as Matt Forte and Arian Foster — and counting. Unless Lamar Jackson makes NFL defenses look like he made Syracuse look, Newton is going to set the mark way, way out of reach.

Aaron Rodgers’ TD:INT ratio

In his 10 seasons as the Packers’ starting quarterback, Rodgers has 313 touchdowns with 78 interceptions. That’s just over four touchdowns for every one interception.

The only other player in NFL history with a ratio over three is Tom Brady, who has 488 touchdowns and 160 interceptions — or about 3.05 to 1.

Rodgers is also the only player ever with a career passer rating over 100. Long live the efficiency king.

This extremely optimistic future Bengals record

The record for Super Bowl MVP awards belongs to Tom Brady with four. That puts Andy Dalton just four behind him.

I like where your head is at, Elite/Evil Andy Dalton.

Which NFL player are hoping finds a forever spot in the record books?