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The NFL’s most efficient passers aren’t quarterbacks

The key to a dynamic NFL passing attack is letting non-quarterbacks throw

Everyone loves trick plays. Especially those when guys who aren’t quarterbacks get to pass the ball. And when the result is a touchdown, it’s one of the most thrilling plays in the sport.

Alas, 99.723 percent of all passes thrown since 1970’s AFL-NFL Merger have come from the arm of a QB; nevertheless, when it comes to passing touchdown percentage, how do their other-positioned brethren stack up when they do get their chance? We decided to answer that question by categorizing every single regular-season pass attempt and touchdown thrown in the last 48 years by whether or not it was a quarterback who threw it — and just how that picture is painted for each of the NFL’s 32 teams.

Then on a more micro level, the question of identifying which non-quarterbacks were the most adept passers is explored. Lots of them have had bits of success when their number’s been called once or twice to throw the ball, but there have been a few guys in particular that were able to carve up defenses through the air with a measure of consistency throughout their careers.