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Croatian firefighters urge fire safety so they don’t miss any more World Cup games

The Zagreb Fire Department is sick of missing games due to emergency calls.

Some firefighters in Croatia’s capital missed the thrilling end of their national team’s quarterfinal victory against Russia at the 2018 World Cup due to an emergency call. With a semifinal showdown against England looming, they’d like to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Members of Zagreb’s Fire Department released a video Wednesday of its members apparently responding to a call at the worst possible time — moments before Ivan Rakitic’s game-winner. The Croatian star’s goal capped a shootout that propelled the tiny nation to soccer’s final four and to the brink of its greatest showing in World Cup history. While the bulk of the station’s crew takes off to examine the situation, a few stuck around to watch their team improve to 5-0 in Russia:

Vatreni ZG193

Vatreni danas igraju za finale SP. Mi nismo vatreni, ali bavimo se vatrom. Oprezno kod upotrebe baklji i pirotehnike, da i mi (konačno) mozemo gledati vatrene #ZG193

Posted by Vatrogasna postrojba Zagreb on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fire plays today for the semifinal. We are not fired, but we are dealing with fire. Careful when using torches and pyrotechnics, we can (finally) look at the fires [after the game].

Fire has been a big part of the nation’s celebrations for its team. Flares and fireworks have been a constant presence at watch parties throughout Zagreb.

Please be careful with your flares tonight, Croatia. Not only could you hurt someone, but your negligence could also cause your local firefighters to miss an unforgettable moment on the pitch.