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YouTubeTV went down at the worst possible time for soccer fans, and they are maaaaaaddddd

An outage has left World Cup fans in the dark.

YouTubeTV was a great option to watch the 2018 World Cup at work. Until Wednesday’s semifinal between England and Croatia.

The streaming service went down Wednesday afternoon midway through the match and stayed down through halftime and well into the second half, leaving soccer fans in the dark as the Croats scored an electric equalizer off the foot of Ivan Perisic to tie the game at 1-1. As England searched for a response, YouTubeTV remained down — leading to some angry customers.

And, well, let’s just say the company picked a terrible time to ask England fans how they were doing:

Anyway, YouTube has acknowledged its issue, even if it didn’t have much in the way of specifics in terms of what affected the broadcast, or how long it will be before its fixed:

As of publication, YouTubeTV has been down for more than 50 minutes of game play for one of the biggest games of the World Cup. Hopefully it’ll come back in time for the shootout finish Croatia is destined to have.

UPDATE: Service came back up for the final few moments of stoppage time, and is tentatively up and running for extra time. We’ll see if it holds up.