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Watch Geoffrey the ‘Toys R Us’ giraffe chokeslam a guy, then get knocked out by an Amazon Prime box


Geoffrey the Toys R Us giraffe was physically knocked out by an Amazon prime box in a wrestling ring because the year is 2018 and nothing makes sense.

This all took place at Supercon in Florida during a 30-man rumble. Don’t ask me why a giraffe mascot is in the ring. I have no idea.

At first, Geoffrey’s seen choke-slamming the competition, and it’s honestly pretty hype. But then ... things got ugly.

After it appeared Geoffrey had won the fight, a competitor made a quick call for a package, and there came the Amazon prime package-turned weapon. And he got whacked. Poor Geoffrey. With Toys R Us going out of business, it’s been a tough year for him.

Luckily though, this might not be it for his wrestling career. He has a chance at redemption. WWE wrestler Triple H offered him a job via Instagram last month: