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Antonio Brown showed up to Steelers training camp in a dang helicopter

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Antonio Brown’s gaudy training camp entrances continue.

Over the past three years, Antonio Brown has had some ridiculous training camp entrances.

This summer, Brown took it to a whole new level. Not only did he ditch the fancy cars, he abandoned ground travel altogether. To kick off the 2018 Steelers training camp, Brown and his family flew into camp on a helicopter.

It must be nice to be on top.

In 2016, he arrived to the facilities in a customized black and yellow Rolls Royce.

Last summer, he one-upped himself by arriving at Steelers training camp with a 1931 Rolls Royce convertible blasting a song by the immaculate artist known as Moneybagg Yo.

James Harrison isn’t with the team anymore to compete with Antonio Brown for flashy entrances, but Steelers linebacker Vince Williams showed off his own flair and personality with his arrival to training camp.

Once again, Brown stole the show as far as training camp entrances go. Maybe next year the All-Pro receiver will show up in a spacecraft. At this point, that doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibilities.