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Marquette King put Gucci Mane through a football beach workout

Perhaps a future music collab could be arranged?

Gucci Mane has been living a brand new lifestyle since he got out of prison, dedicating himself to his health and fitness. That new lifestyle collided with Broncos punter Marquette King on the beach.

Gucci posted videos to his Instagram story doing sand drills with King, where they worked on his direction changing, shuffling, and hesitation moves:

Some quick observations about Sand Gucci:

  • His footwork isn’t great! Which is fine, because he’s not a pro athlete.
  • He carries the ball like LeSean McCoy, just out there for the taking.
  • “Deion Sanders Laflare! Tippy toes” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
  • When he says, “King what’s hannin!?” it sounds like the introduction to a track that could feature Marquette King (make that “I Get the Bag” remix, “I Get the Ball”).

The meeting was set up days in advance, after King tweeted Gucci, asking if he knew how to catch punts:

Somehow, being the #HoodLeBron was the ultimate confirmation that yes, Gucci Mane can in fact catch punts:

Who would I, or anybody else, be to question Gucci? If #HoodLeBron means you’re a god at catching punts, then so be it.

Fresh out of prison in 2016, Gucci told Vogue that one of his main inspirations behind losing weight was so he could experiment more with his style. He also described his regimen:

I work out six days a week, from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday. I just started working with a trainer this past week because I wanted to take my training to the next level. I feel like working out humbles me. I used to live a life of excess, greed, and gluttony. Now I’ve learned to challenge myself—to get up every day and push myself to live a healthier lifestyle. My workouts consist of boxing, working out with weights, and I do a lot of cardio. I just bought a StairMaster two days ago. I work out on the elliptical machine, I run up and down the steps, I do burpees, sit-ups, work with an ab–roller, and I get in my pool and swim. I go super hard.

And now, he’s working out with professional athletes. It’s the summer, Gucci has cleaned up his life, and is becoming his best self on the beach with the NFL’s most fun punter.