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AA All-Star Tim Tebow gave up a triple when a fly ball donked him on the noggin

He wasn’t even phased.

Tim Tebow was recently named to the Eastern League’s All-Star team. On Monday, he showed the world why he’s one of AA’s top 30-year-old prospects.

Tebow struggled with the Portland Sea Dogs’ Green Monster replica in the sixth inning of a regular-season game in Maine, misplaying a deep fly ball that turned into an RBI triple for Red Sox prospect Josh Ockimey. Well, “misplaying” might not fully encapsulate how it went down:

That ball floated over Tebow, who turned and faced the oversized wall just in time to watch as it caromed off the surface and bonk him right on the head. It then scooted away like a giggling schoolgirl, running all the way to foul territory before the former Heisman Trophy winner could chase it down. The result was a stand-up triple that cut the Binghamton Rumble Ponies’ 2-0 lead down to 2-1. They’d go on to lose 5-3 — but Tebow went 3-for-4 on the night with two RBI, including a ground-ball single an inning and a half after getting donked.

The good news for Tebow is that giving up extra bases off your dome doesn’t preclude you from greatness. Six-time all-star and bestselling author Jose Canseco can share Tebow’s pain in having been rocked by a deep fly ball that led to runs for the opposing team.