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Here’s why Euan Holden, former soccer player, is now known as ‘Plane Bae’

It’s kind of a love story I guess?

Greetings, America. We have another bae love story in our society.

This is the tale of how two baes met thousands of feet in the air. There are four characters on a plane: Plane Bae (a woman), Plane Bae (a man), actress Rosey Blair, and Blair’s boyfriend. The story may be extremely anti-climactic, but it’s also well-told. Besides, once someone has “bae” in their name, the people are hooked.

We now know that the “Hunky Plane Guy” is Euan Holden, a fourth-round Major League Soccer draft pick in 2010 who finished out his playing career in Europe. You might know his brother, Stu Holden, because he’s a former U.S. National Soccer Team player and current World Cup host. The other Plane Bae has remained low-key, at least so far.

Anyway, the story begins with Blair asking Plane Bae the woman to switch seats with her so Blair could sit next to her boyfriend. Blair joked that she may just sit next to the love of her life, and... well.

Here’s the thread Blair posted to Twitter:

The beginning

Slowly, the man and woman Plane Baes became more intimate

This baby sensed the baes’ connection

Their identities were **slightly** revealed

Writer’s note: I can not believe this became as big a deal as it did.

They had conversation like this

Uh. Ok.

The highlight of the story comes when they leave for the bathroom together

The snapchat world broke.

In the end, the two were seen walking together after they left the plane

And it turns out they’re stationed in the same area, too

Although Plane Bae the woman has stayed offline it seems, Plane Bae the man, Holden, has added this achievement to his Instagram bio.

And he’s posted since, wondering what life would’ve been like had he missed his flight.

Oh, and it turns out the Plane Baes knew they were being recorded the whole time:

Plane Bae also caught up with his brother, Stu

Congrats to everyone involved for taking over the nation as the latest bae story. This story will be updated if the Baes get married. Nobody knows if they’re still in touch.