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49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin got paid, then bought his mom and sister a house

Goodwin is a legitimately great guy.

Marquise Goodwin’s breakout 2017 season was rewarded with a three-year, $19.25-million contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Now he’s paying that forward to the people who mean the most in his life.

Goodwin surprised his mother and sister Thursday with blindfolds, a quick drive, and then unveiled the brand new house he bought for them:

marquisegoodwin I know mama... I can feel your energy in this video! All the obstacles WE have overcome... Man...I love you so much mama... thank you for EVERYTHING! Especially blessing me with a sis like my Deja!!! @mamaflashgoodwin_s #Blessed // Also huge s/o to @morganakamomo & our realtor @teamgiles_way for helping make this possible.

It’s the latest display of goodwill in a tumultuous year that has showcased Goodwin’s value as a football player and person. He stepped into the spotlight as the 49ers top target following an injury to Pierre Garcon and blossomed into a playmaker alongside Jimmy Garoppolo as San Francisco finished the season on a five-game winning streak. The former collegiate track star’s 962 receiving yards more than doubled his previous career high.

But he broke out in the midst of personal heartbreak. He lost his son due to pregnancy complications in November, mourning publicly through a touching Instagram post. He would return to the field one day afterward, scoring an emotional 83-yard touchdown in the process. Five weeks later, he’d have to overcome another death in the family — this time his biological father. Again, he responded with an impressive performance; 10 catches and 114 yards in a 25-23 win over the Titans.

While those performances showcased his strength, a preseason interaction showed off his compassion. Goodwin staked his claim as one of the league’s most sympathetic players when he shared a story of his sister’s strength — she has cerebral palsy — with a wheelchair-bound visitor from the Make-a-Wish Foundation:

That sister got a new place to live Thursday, along with a grateful mother who may be the proudest in the world.