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Damarious Randall dodged an impossible bet, but donated Browns jerseys to kids anyway

The Browns safety hooked up a Boys and Girls Club with boxes of his No. 23 jersey.


Cleveland Browns safety Damarious Randall went viral in May when he promised more than a million Twitter users a free jersey if the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals.

It didn’t come close to happening. The Golden State Warriors breezed through the Cavs with a series sweep and Randall was off the hook.

But the Browns safety went ahead and made a donation, regardless. With LeBron James now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Randall is the new No. 23 in town and brought boxes of his new Browns jersey to a local Boys and Girls Club:

If the Cavs had won, Randall wasn’t going to be paying up anyway. There’s really just no way he could’ve afforded it.

But Randall made the Twitter joke into a good situation and a positive note for some kids in Cleveland.