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How the f*** do you pronounce Tyrod Taylor’s name?

The NFL has its own “GIF” argument.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s biggest controversy isn’t over whether or not Dez Caught It, or the new helmet rule, or a Deflategate — it’s about how on earth you pronounce Tyrod Taylor’s name.

There are two sides to the NFL’s own “GIF” argument: TUH-rod, and TIE-rod.

I present both sides, and you can make your choice. Though it’s totally TIE-rod. I think?


Tyrod Taylor himself says TIE-rod here:

The great Mina Kimes dug in, and said that Taylor’s agent and dad call him TIE-rod:

It’s also how he identified himself for NBC’s Sunday Night Football introductions:


The Browns are trying to police the situation, and have announced that they want people to say TUH-rod now:

Browns teammate Joel Bitonio told NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala that his name is TUH-rod, and the reason that hasn’t stuck is because Taylor is too nice (shy too, probably?) to correct anybody on it.

The strongest argument that either side has: his mom calls him “Tuh-rod.” But according to Taylor, she refers to him by his middle name, which is “Di’allo.”


“[TIE-rod] is definitely what I’ve heard most of my life, but I mean, my mom calls me [Tuh-ROD], but she also doesn’t call me by my first name.”

That doesn’t help, -rod.

No matter where you stand on said topic, we’re going to appropriately refer to this as #rodgate, because as my esteemed colleague Jessica Smetana has pointed out, if we call it #tyrodgate, then we’re also arguing the name of the gate.

If you have other arguments as to why we should call this man TUH-rod or TIE-rod, dish them in the comments. Let’s argue online.