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21 great back-to-school backpacks for NBA nuts

Looking for a backpack with a cool design or something that shows off your NBA team pride? We got you covered.

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It’s officially August, which means the dog days of the NBA offseason are upon us and it’s time start thinking about ... school?!

Yep, it’s that time of year! But just because school is about to start back doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about the NBA. In fact, with the new league year around the corner, this is your chance to show off your basketball pride.

Backpacks are a quintessential part of school outfits, and we’ve got you covered with all the cool designs and options to poach before stocking up for the new school year.

Let’s dig in and get you looking fresh for the school year.

For the fan who wants to rep his/her favorite player at school

Not going to lie, some of these backpacks are pretty wild. But in an era where fashion is all about setting yourself apart with individuality, one of these could be the right fit for your back-to-school launch.

Russell Westbrook Sprayground Denim Backpack for $56.25 (usually $75)
NBA Store
Kyrie Irving Sprayground Denim Backpack for $56.25 (usually $75)
NBA Store
LeBron James Sprayground Tie Dye Patches Backpack for $56.25 (usually $75)
NBA Store
Steph Curry Sprayground Elysium Backpack for $52.50 (usually $70)
NBA Store

For the fan looking for a unique design with his/her favorite team

There’s a multitude of options for fans who want to head back to class repping their favorite NBA team with a new, slick backpack. Here’s a few that caught our eyes.

If you’re looking for a more standard design

The Under Armour NBA Undeniable Backpack has designs for 20 teams along with a huge selection of duffel bags to check out. Here’s two examples with the team logo at the top.

Brooklyn Nets Under Armour NBA Undeniable Backpack for $59.99 (usually $79.99)
NBA Store
Chicago Bulls Under Armour Undeniable Backpack for $59.99 (usually $79.99)
NBA Store

And for $29.99, The Northwest Company has some solid Draft Day backpacks too!

New Orleans Pelicans The Northwest Company Backpack for $22.49 (usually $29.99)
NBA Store
Charlotte Hornets The Northwest Company Backpack for $22.49 (usually $29.99)
NBA Store

Or, the super popular SC30 Collection backpacks

The Stephen Curry backpack is a strong choice as well and is currently $74.99

SC30 Undeniable Backpack for $74.99
Under Armour

What if I’m looking for an NBA backpack that’s less than $25?

If you’re looking to rep your favorite team, but at a lower cost, these backpacks could be a great option. Find them for the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder.

A few more backpack options to check out

These may not have any direct link to NBA players or teams, but take a look and see if they’re the right fit for the new school year. All of these options are $65 or less.

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