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Your Week 1 college football schedule Watch Grid

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Guiding you to the best games all throughout five days of college football.

Georgia Southern v Auburn Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

College football is back, and so is its annual tradition of kicking off with a large sprawl across Labor Day weekend. Thursday night is considered opening night by most people, whether that’s technically accurate or not (it’s not), Saturday is the first day of the season with actual big games, and things might continue until very early Tuesday morning.

Below, you’ll find each group of games, sorted for you according to watchability. That doesn’t always mean the best teams — sometimes it means mediocre teams who are highly capable of producing dramatic, messy football. Let’s go!

As for streaming online, here are the links associated with almost every TV channel listed below.

[Note: Thursday and Friday games removed, for your Friday and Saturday convenience.]

Saturday, Sept. 1 college football schedule

Early shift

We are starting off the day at maximum stupid. “Ole Miss-Texas Tech” is quite possibly the most combustible matchup in all of college football. In more consequential matters, see how many points Lane Kiffin can dump on Mike Stoops.

Middle shift

Likely the weekend’s most important game should hog your main screen here, but this is a sneaky great window. Somebody’s losing a game they really shouldn’t! And Boise State-Troy is possibly the best non-power game of the year to not involve an AAC team.

Why does Austin Peay-Georgia feature Paintbrush art? Because I forgot TV and didn’t feel like going back into the spreadsheet for another screenshot. Next question.

Late shift

Maybe I’m being generous, but I really don’t see many sure snoozers in this list. There’s only one true standout game, though.

Actually, I am being generous, because I moved Louisville-Alabama up from the It’s football group just so the screenshot of my spreadsheet would fit better. Yes, I’m more interested in watching South Dakota State-Iowa State than in Louisville-Bama, and you should be, too.

Sunday, Sept. 2 college football schedule

The only game is No. 8 Miami vs. No. 25 LSU at 7:30 p.m. ET on ABC. It might end up with a final score of 11-8, but you should watch it.

Labor Day college football schedule

No. 20 Virginia Tech at No. 19 Florida State (8 p.m. ET, ESPN) shuts down the weekend. If the Hokies can make up for losing like six sevenths of their roster (approximately) over the offseason, this could be a good one, or we could all clock out a little early and prepare for Week 2, which starts three days later.