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What NFL stars looked like in high school

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Marshawn Lynch’s high school photo inspired us to take a trip down memory lane with other NFL players.

On the Monday Night Football broadcast, ESPN revealed a surprising photo of running back Marshawn Lynch in high school, side-by-side with a current photo of the Raiders star. It quickly went viral as NFL fans could not believe these pictures were of the same person.

That got us to wondering about what other NFL stars looked like in high school. Are there more players who look as different as teenage Lynch and 32-year-old Lynch?

Tom Brady looked pretty much just like he does now when he was in high school. Brady is young here ... but, the difference isn’t all that notable.

At 33-years-old, Matt Ryan looks pretty young for his age ... Check him out side-by-side with a high school photo (h/t Fox).

Adam Vinatieri is one of the NFL’s oldest players at 45-years-old. Check out the Colts kicker in high school (left) vs. a recent picture (right)! This is a big transformation ...

Another guy who looks just like he did in high school is Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green. It seems he’s got some good anti-aging genes as he recently turned 30!

Finishing off with a future Hall of Fame wide receiver, check out high school Larry Fitzgerald next to current day Fitzgerald. One thing that’s changed for the Cardinals receiver is his hair is a lot longer now than it was then.

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