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The Bills tweeted about landing in Minneapolis. Their map graphic showed otherwise.

Maybe they were just hopeful for a neutral site game?

The Buffalo Bills are traveling to Minneapolis to play the Vikings in Week 3. However, they might not arrive in the correct state.

In a video tweeted on Saturday afternoon, the Bills have a Vikings helmet placed right about where Madison, Wisconsin, would be. That would be home to the Big Ten Wisconsin Badgers, not the NFL Minnesota Vikings.

The Bills deleted the tweet after about 30 minutes, but fear not, we have a receipt of the whole thing in action:

That’s pretty bad! Geography isn’t for everybody, but come on, it’s U.S. geography we’re talking about here.

The Vikings called them out for it, understandably:

Luckily for the Bills, the week ended well. They went into Minneapolis and nearly shut out the Vikings with a 27-6 victory. They also made the time to jab back at the Vikings for calling out their gaffe.

It’s not the first Travel Graphic Gone Wrong incident in the NFL. The Falcons had a pretty bad goof back in 2014:

The Bills had one of the worst starts to an NFL season in recent memory. They lost in Week 1 47-3 to the Ravens. Then, in Week 2, they were down 28-6 at halftime when Vontae Davis decided to retire. They eventually lost that game 31-20.

It’s probably going to be a long season for the Bills. Aside from Week 3’s win, it just seems that nothing they do — even off the field — has gone right this year.