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Vance McDonald’s beautiful stiff arm might have ended Chris Conte’s season

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That was extremely impressive.

The Monday night game between the Steelers and the Buccaneers turned out to be a pretty good one. More heroics and some nice throws by Ryan Fitzpatrick, the good version of the Steelers showing up again. But nothing from that game was as electric and physically dominating as Vance McDonald’s 75-yard touchdown reception where he — quite literally — ran over Bucs safety Chris Conte.

Conte thought this was going to be a routine play. Sure, the coverage was bad on the play, but an open field tackle ain’t no thing for an NFL caliber safety. Just wrap him up, deal with the first down, and move on to the next set of downs.

Unfortunately, it was a bit more difficult than that.

McDonald threw him forward a few yards on his way to six

McDonald’s teammates were thrilled with the play too. Look at Cam Heyward pointing and making a scene on the sideline as McDonald runs through Conte.

McDonald’s teammates were still pretty hyped after the game too.

After the game, McDonald explained his methodology on the play, which was pretty simple.

“Punish him … Inflict as much force on him as possible…To just crush him. It’s what I was aiming for.”

Conte was injured his knee on the play. But he was already hurt coming into the game, which at least gives him a little cover next time he decides to show his face in public again. Adam Schefter reported Wednesday morning that he was playing with a torn PCL in his knee. The Bucs put him on injured reserve a day after the game. He don’t be eligible to return for six weeks.

Hopefully he does return because this would be a terrible way for Conte to end 2018.