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Bucs safety Isaiah Johnson becomes latest NFL player to get injured running into a wall

That looked like it hurt!

There was a scary moment in the first half of the Monday night game when Buccaneers safety Isaiah Johnson ran into a wall while he was tracking an errant deep pass from Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Rainstorms have caused the field to be sloppy and muddy — Johnson likely wouldn’t have been able to stop himself even if he saw the wall coming.

Johnson was able to walk off under his own power and actually came back into the game, but had to come out later after his shoulder was bothering him.

Johnson later returned, though he had another moment to forget when he was called for a hold that wiped out DeSean Jackson’s 83-yard punt return touchdown. (The Bucs did go on to score a touchdown on that drive, however.)

Johnson wasn’t even the first player to slide into a wall this week. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills ran into a cameraman while he was scoring a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Stills was injured on the play with a cut to his right leg. After the game, he called for the NFL to change how close cameramen can sit to the end zone.

Hopefully this isn’t a trend that continues. Outside of the obvious player safety issue, Reggie Bush has already won a lawsuit against the Rams for their “concrete ring of death” in the old Edward Jones Dome back in 2015.