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New Era drops its 2018 NBA Tip Off Series

Need a new hat before the NBA season starts? A new line of hats has just been released for basketball fans to check out.

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The NBA never stops — a la the Jimmy Butler trade bonanza — but it’s been a few months since we last saw action on the court and not just on Instagram.

Luckily, we’re just a few weeks away from a new season tipping off. But this can also be a period of reflection, and by that we mean one that involves taking a peek into your closet and thinking about the apparel you might need to upgrade before the season begins.

If you’re looking at your hat rack and realize it might be time to pick up a new cap before the season starts, we have good news to deliver.

New Era launched its 2018 NBA Authentics: Tip Off Series

All 30 teams are getting new hats for the upcoming season, and they’re available in multiple styles and colors. Each cap features side patches inspired by the team’s city or state, as well as the official team logo patch on the front.

Here’s a quick look at what this year’s series will offer, featuring the Sixers, Pacers, Knicks, and Suns.

What styles are available?

This year’s collection features four styles: “Team Color,” olive green, black, and “2Tone.” They are available in multiple silhouettes, including fitted and adjustable hats. There’s also a new line of cuffed knit hats available for all 30 teams.

How much are the caps?

The caps range from $27.99 to $35.99 depending on the style and silhouette.

Where are they available?

The collection is available at multiple retailers, including Fanatics, the NBA Store, and

More hats to check out from the new collection

The pictures below feature the Warriors, Lakers, Rockets, and Pelicans. But caps and styles are available for all 30 teams.

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