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A fan at the U.S. Open got caught dipping a chicken finger in soda and TV viewers are aghast

Hello reader, presumably you’ve seen a headline or social copy for this article and so I’m going to get out of the way and just show you the U.S. Open fan dipping her chicken finger into a soda, just like you wanted to see. Here it is!

Yeah, so that happened. People watching the broadcast took note! And not too much is happening online right now so like, we’re gonna talk about it a little bit.

So, this is a thing?

I cannot find any evidence online that this is a thing, but who knows. Maybe it’ll become one!

Anyway, IDK whether or not we should be dipping our chicken fingers in soda, but I’m glad we’re talking about it.

SB Nation’s Frank Bi, who is on the scene enjoying Labor Day at the U.S. Open, offered this theory/on-the-ground perspective: “cause all the ketchup dispensers are out, I checked. It’s a disaster here rn.” Interesting!

Would you dip a chicken tender in soda?