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Miami’s marvelous new turnover chain features a bedazzled Sebastian the Ibis


Miami’s famous turnover chain has gotten an upgrade that you didn’t know it needed.

The most recognizable sideline prop in college football was introduced in 2017, and enjoyed by fans everywhere, as long as it wasn’t being brought out on your own team. It’s been made fun of at different times, and was probably in need of an upgrade after Miami struggled with LSU in a Week 1 loss, 33-17 (where it was made fun of most recently).

In Week 2, the Canes got a turnover, and were able to unveil the updated ice, which features their mascot, Sebastian the Ibis.

Here is the updated and finely crafted (idk if it actually is) chain:

You might be asking yourself why the Hurricanes didn’t unveil this in Week 1. Well, simply, they didn’t create a turnover against LSU. After all, it would have been difficult to keep up with their 2017 pace.

So it’s probably good they didn’t do a roll out prior to their first game. Saturday, it came out organically, and in what’s going to be an easy win over the FCS Savannah State Tigers.

With all of the other sideline props that are appearing this season, Miami had to step its game up, and they did.